Propose a change to the DDaT Profession Capability Framework

This survey is for government staff to submit a change request for the DDaT Profession Capability Framework (for example, a new role or an amended skill description).

The survey will ask for:

  • your contact details (which must include a email address) and job title, so we're able to verify that you're a member of government staff and follow up on your request
  • the sponsors of your change request (at least 2 subject matter experts from different government departments)
  • details of your change request and the evidence to support it

If you're requesting a major change such as a new role, role level or job family, please read the Framework's governance principles first to understand the acceptance criteria.

Please see our privacy notice for more information.

If you'd like to speak to a member of the DDaT Capability team before submitting your request, please contact