Design buddy group sign-up form - January 2021

Sign up to be assigned to a cross-government design buddy group in Jan 2021

Design buddy groups are groups of 4 or 5 designers from different departments and organisations across the UK government and public sector, who meet up regularly over an 8 week period, to give each other feedback on work, discuss problems and share ideas. 

If you can't join this time, you're welcome to join the next one in March 2021.

This is open to anyone who does design work in government, including:
  • central government, local government, public sector agencies and arms length bodies. 
  • interaction, service, graphic, content and UX designers
  • people who regularly do design work, but don't have the word 'designer' in their job role
  • contractors, freelancers and suppliers are also welcome, as long as you have a government or public sector email address 
You can leave us anonymous feedback at any time. 

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5. Which type of design work do you most often do? *


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7. Tick the times when you think you could attend at lest 6 buddy group meetings in  Jan-Feb 2021.

We will allocate buddy groups according to availability. Groups will start in mid January and will last for 8 weeks. We will match you with other people who said they are free at the same time. You can decided as a group how frequently you meet, for how long and via what tools.  *

8:30 am
11:00 am
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8. Let us know what type of design buddy group you think would work best for you.
(we can't guarantee that groups will work this way, but we're interested in your preferences)


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